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Environmental issues in Australia

Orthodox environmental management policies are failing Australia. On the mainland, 59 mammals are at risk of immediate extinction and the situation is particularly severe in national parks where policies have been implemented to maximise their chance of survival. For example, since 1990, mammal populations in the Kakadu National Park have dropped by 75% and half the park no longer has mammals at all.

The orthodox approach could be summarised as kill the feral and remove the humans. This philosophy was articulated in more diplomatic terms by Dr A. J. Brown, from Griffith Law School:

"Today, for environment groups and land management agencies, wilderness is a land use classification which relates specifically to growing respect for the non-commercial, non-industrial, non-colonial values of those landscapes that have been least disturbed since 1788. Most recently, the Commonwealth Government discussion paper on wilderness protection defined a wilderness as:
"... an area that is, or can be restored to be, a sufficient size to enable the long-term protection of its natural systems and biological diversity; substantially undisturbed by colonial and modern technological society; and remote at its core from points of mechanised access and other evidence of colonial and modern technological society. "

Perhaps it fails because it is an environmental policy more informed by selective reading of history books than of cultivating biodiverse ecosystems that are adapatible to change.


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